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loop 360
Our Price: $11.50
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loop 360
Why looping matters and Why the loop360 matters for looping?

The loop 360 It is a yoyo somewhat out of time, out of price and out of the everyday. It has one purpose….bring back the notion that looping IS the most respected style of yoyo play.

The 360
1) works well
2) doesn't require effort to maintain
3) doesn't cost too much
4) wont break easily
5) inspire you to take looping play more seriously

Official Specs
Diameter: 57.75 mm / 2.27 inches
Width: 26.55 mm / 1.04 inches
Gap Width: 2.65 mm / .10 inches
Weight: 52.1 grams
Bearing Size: Size A
Response: CBC Small Bearing Silicone O-Ring