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Low weight high inertia design for fast play and long trick sequences: The NVx is a SLH design yoyo ((S)mall bearing, (M) low weight, (H)igh inertia)), this means that while the overall weight can be kept medium-low for fast maneuvring, there is substantialy more than average inertia to still guarantee maximum spin time.
Because of this, this yoyo will also take any challenge in finger grinds.

H-profile: The core idea of the typical H-profile is to maximize stability. In many of today's tricks, the string does not always exert vertical forces, but pulls the yoyo to the side. The H-profile is as resistant as only few others against such forces.

A surface finishing like no other: We are in all humbleness famous for our anodizing and few are par with our quality. This yoyo sports a shiny yet smooth anodized surface with minimum friction with skin for grinds. Oxygene from Italy decided to remake the world famous Oxy4 (H2O) with us, because of this very finish.

Weight: 65.9g
Diameter: 54.2mm
Width: 39.7mm
Gap: ~4mm

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